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    Royal Jelly Tablet

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Royal Jelly Tablet
Main Ingredients: Chondroitin, White Kwao Krua Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Royal Jelly, Placenta Powder
Target Consumer: For the people who are adolescent female, menopausal women, and discomfort from premenstrual
Content: 300mg/tablet
Direction: Take one tablet before meal, twice a day. 

Product Features:
  • Chondroitin can effectively improve osteoarthritis pain. 
  • White Kwao Krua(contain isoflavones) is rich in phytoestrogens which can maintain the young and relieve symptoms of menopause.  
  • Pomegranate Extract contains natural estrogen which can enhance menopausal symptoms for women, osteoporosis, and prevent cardiovascular disease. 
  • Royal Jelly & Placenta Powder can regulate physiology promote for women, restore youthful vigor, maintain skin care. 

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